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Our Story

Since 1999, we’ve been partnering with business to overcome logistical and supply chain challenges. We started the company because we were tired of seeing businesses are getting squeezed by different companies in logistics. Though we are are many areas of logistics, our approach is it to integrate the entire logistics process. By uniting transportation & distribution to warehousing, procurement & quality management to trade & marketing consultation all under one roof, we help you save time and money.

We’re not a conventional logistics provider, we’re a value chain integrator. We help you each step of the way to help your product gain market access in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


Our international freight and logistics service handles overseas consolidation. It covers international sea freight and airfreight for B2B and B2C.


This part of the system provides logistics supports for our operations team to be able to locate your product in any of our warehouses.


We can help run your sales campaigns and can process orders coming through multiple online marketplaces.

How we can help you

  • 1. Planning

    We help you identify potential markets for you to expand your business and establish a customised plan to realise your business expansion goals.

  • 2. Consolidation

    We consolidate your products in bulk (and with considerable savings) and ship them to your desired market or region.

  • 3. Importation

    We’ll take care of all the importation and licensing headaches so your products get to their destination smoothly.

  • 4. Warehousing

    We will store your products safe in our regional and local warehouses that handle shipments, inventory management and order processing.

  • 5. Physical & Online Store Setup

    Our team will find local restaurants, stores, and online marketplaces to promote your products and get it to your customers hands.

  • 6. Marketing

    We’ll help spread your brand to a larger audience with a professional website and promote your message through various online channels.

IM Solutions  = Logistics + Technology + Marketing



Our vast experience in integrated logistics ensures that we’ll be by your side from start to finish. From your business to customer’s hands, we’ll take care of all the details.



Getting your product from your hands to the customer can be a daunting process, especially if you lack the manpower and experience to handle such an operation.


We cover the whole spectrum of logistics – air, land, sea, to storage to last-mile delivery. Don’t waste time and money by talking to half a dozen companies to get your product stored and shipped. All our operations are integrated to increase efficiency and communications and to save you money.

International Freight & Logistics

Our international freight and logistics service handles overseas consolidation. It covers international seafreight and airfreight for B2B and B2C.

Importation & Licensing

We can help you on any importation matters and assist in obtaining any necessary local licenses. We settle importation related matters such as dealing with local customs and licensing bodies (i.e. Halal Certificate) early to avoid delays that can cost your company business.


We have regional and local warehouses that handle bulk shipments, palletized storage and order processing. We also handles warehousing for e-commerce businesses that include receiving of stocks, loose storage and pick-and-pack services and special storage for perishable products.

Inventory Management & Fulfilment

Once we store your goods at our warehouse, we will track any orders through our inventory management system. Our fulfillment services then handles pick-and-pack delivery orders, break bulking, packing, repacking and relabeling of products. It is all integrated. This works for ecommerce business or traditional businesses.


The last step. Our delivery service team will bring your products to your customer’s door. We handle delivery to commercial and residential address including bulk delivery, tracking of shipments and call center support relating to residential deliveries.

Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions

No matter how big or small your operations are, we have the technological solutions you would expect to ensure your inventory is properly categorised, managed and tracked.


Since we handle the full spectrum of logistics, our informational systems are all integrated so you know what’s happening to your product at any given moment.

Integrated Warehouse Management

When your products are at our warehouse, our integrated warehouse management service will manages your inventory and optimizes stock levels between fulfillment centers.

Integrated Inventory Management & Order Management

This part of the system provides logistics supports for our operations team to be able to locate your product in any of our warehouses. Should someone order a product, our software will communicate its location to our delivery team.

Last Mile Delivery

Our last mile delivery and management service help you track in real time your shipments and manage international deliveries. Your customer can also track their orders too.

System API Integration

Have an ecommerce site? Our system can integrate via an API. This allows our logistics and order management solutions to fulfil the site’s request.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Are you looking to explore new markets for your business? Or are you looking to expand to ecommerce? Look no further; we’ve got you covered.


Need help finding a market and customers? Our established reputation and global connections will help your business have a strong presence in any market you set your eye on. We will help you to identify and create opportunities to reach your target market.

Setting up Brick and Mortar Retail Store

Do you aspire to open up your own store locally or in other countries? We can find you a suitable location and setup your store. Not sure where to expand to? We provide a thorough market assessment and product feasibility studies to make sure your product will be welcomed with open arms. We also help companies to enter South East Asian markets. Companies can leverage on our trade network and local presence to hasten their growth. We also assist companies to sell in international markets via consumer fairs, pop up stalls and department stores. Our team also helps in setting up a local presence by recruiting promoters and hiring local management staff. Sales events as well as providing customer support service such as call center are also available should the need rise. There are many elements in sales and marketing and it’s all under one roof.


List, sell and manage the orders on various online marketplaces such as Ebay, Qoo10, Rakuten, Lazada or any of the platforms. We can help run your sales campaigns and can process orders coming through multiple online marketplaces. We also provide setting up and management of e-commerce sales through your own website. In addition, our team will help set up and maintain your social media presence and run advertising campaigns through social media like Facebook, and Google Adwords. Our ecommerce effort also is integrated with our fulfilment processes so you can focus solely on your business.



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