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Cross-Border E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Cross-Border E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Buying products online can be a very frustrating experience for any customer when because of delivery issues like breakage, damages, loss, theft or delay. These situations are even more dangerous for business owners selling those products because of lousy delivery can put them out of business.  In short, if order fulfillment by a third party logistics company (3PL) is inadequate, then the e-commerce business will not survive.  Even if an online seller has an excellent reputation on his/her product, but choose wrong order fulfilling party, his rating in online sales will be affected because of it, and customers will most likely turn to other sellers, especially if products are not somewhat unique. Finding reliable order fulfillment or shipping company is, even more, harder when sellers from one country are trying to sell their products cross-border, to another country.

What are Order Fulfillment and Fulfillment Services?

Order fulfillment is defined as all the processes involved in receiving your product, processing them to get them ready for proper fulfillment and delivering an order to the customer on time; no matter if it’s an end user or another company. For e-commerce, letting a 3PL company handle all your order processing and shipment is considered to be the best practice in the industry.

For example, a customer from Malaysia found some exciting products on an e-marketing site like Qoo10 Malaysia, and he proceeds to purchase them. Doing that, from a seller’s perspective, he placed his order, and the seller now has to package all the products and make all the necessary arrangements so the products can get to the customer. If the seller is, let’s say, in Singapore, and he has a great product but is not very familiar with all the steps needed to ship products from Singapore to Malaysia, it’s probably best for him to deliver the products to the local 3PL warehouse in Singapore. Order fulfillment company will then make all the necessary arrangements to deliver the product to the customer in Malaysia, either as direct delivery from the Singapore warehouse or consolidate all the products from Singapore to a facility in Malaysia. From the Malaysia warehouse, shipping to the end customer is cheaper and faster.

Choosing Order Fulfillment Company (3PL)

To select a reputable and reliable logistic/order fulfillment partner, there are some qualities to be put into consideration:

Experience and Background Check

The first criteria to consider before choosing an e-commerce order fulfillment partner is to make a thorough background check for its experience in the job. Logistic partner with no experience can significantly affect your sales rating from customers in a negative way. Remember, customers tend to remember the failure of delivery much more than good service.

The Capability of Order Fulfilling Provider

The strength and capacity of an order fulfillment partner must be checked. These should include checking the fulfillment provider’s order connecting networks, the location where it services can reach, the location and capacity of its warehouses, the size of their transport network and the fulfillment capability.

The Quality of Process and Services

This is another good criterion to look for before choosing a logistics partner. We must check the way they process their delivery from start to finish. A good, reputable and trusted logistic/shipping company must be able to perform the following: Regular tracking of inventory and delivery items (packages), have an insurance policy which covers all their activities as a logistics company, Customer service and claim processes in place, for handling complains about damaged or lost items. Another great thing to ask for is that 3PL has a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in place. A WMS is necessary to enhance the tracking of the items inventory, location, expiry dates, receiving time and delivery time. Of course, delivery in the agreed time window is a must.

If you are e-commerce seller wishing to increase your customer base by selling to other countries like Malaysia or Indonesia using e-commerce platforms like Qoo10 or Lazada consider us to be your trusted order fulfillment logistic partner in that journey. Our warehouse, transport and fulfillment capabilities are robust across all those countries. Our logistics company is a fast-growing and dynamic in performing all the necessary processes in online order fulfillment to satisfy both our clients and their buyers. Because of our solid background, and previous experience in working with sellers from Lazada and Qoo10 we will have no trouble to adapt to your requirements.




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What is Order Fulfillment and How To Use It To Your Advantage?

What is Order Fulfillment and How to Use it to Your Advantage?

By definition, order fulfillment refers to the sequence of steps involved in receiving an order from a client to delivering the requested product to the customer’s doorstep. Besides leaving customers satisfied, faster order fulfillment also makes store managers happy because it reduces inventory congestion in stores and warehouses. In fact, a recent survey revealed that approximately 24% of online buyers desire same day delivery while a whopping 65% prefer next day delivery. To have an added advantage over your competitors, your company should strive to reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver all orders to your clients. If you are looking to discover what order fulfillment is and how you can use it to your advantage, this is the right article for you.

Accuracy and Good Packaging

Shipping an accurate and complete order to the correct address will give your business an added advantage over your competitors.

Furthermore, the packaging should be eco-friendly and the products neatly arranged to display your brand’s message accurately. Although even best order fulfillment companies make errors, their number is much lower than the number of mistakes you would make shipping your products.. Having more than 98 or 99 percent of fulfillment orders executed without any error is what you should ask from any reliable company

Proper Inventory Management

To use order fulfillment to your advantage, it is vital to ensure that your inventory is managed properly.

To make sure that your inventory levels are always accurate, it is extremely important to try forecasting your sales. Working hand in hand with buyers and merchandisers to keep all your products turning over goes a long way in helping you to keep the slow moving items from taking much space in your distribution center. If you are wasting your valuable storage space on slow movers, you are most likely losing a lot of cash. Always focus on stocking the right products and ensuring that your customers have complete visibility into your inventory.


For your business to thrive, customers must feel they are getting the best services for their money. Regardless of how cheap your products are, if they do not fulfill the expectations of your clients, they will purchase similar products somewhere else. To gain a competitive advantage, it is crucial to come up with ways to reduce your cost per order shipped. In fact, using order fulfillment is vital in helping you to keep up with the rising pressure of minimizing supply chain operating costs. Apart from reducing space and labor, order fulfillment also contributes to cut your transportation costs.

Timely Service Delivery

One of the ways to use order fulfillment to your advantage is to ensure timely delivery of your products to your customers. One huge benefit of timely order fulfillment is that it allows you to get your products to the clients as fast as possible and at the lowest price. Order fulfillment that is properly executed translates to increased profitability for your business and better customer satisfaction.

As your company makes an effort to adapt to the growing needs of your clients, prompt order delivery within the stipulated time frame is one of the vital areas to emphasize on. To satisfy your customers, order fulfillment should be not only fast but also accurate. The tips elaborated on this page will ensure that your business efficiently receives, processes, and delivers orders to your clients on time and at a lower cost for increased profitability.

At IM Investment Holdings, we provide order fulfillment for all types of businesses. Our fulfillment services include pick and pack and labeling if necessary. We offer a whole range of logistics services to help a business grow.

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What are 3PL Companies Singapore

What are 3PL Companies

By definition, 3PL (third-party logistics) companies are providers of outsourced logistics services including warehousing, transportation, order fulfillment, packing, picking, inventory forecasting, freight forwarding, cross-docking and much more. Every 3PL provider is different and unique. One 3PL provider can offer a single service, for instance, warehouse storage or shipping or several logistics services at a go like warehousing, freight forwarding, and order fulfillment. At IM Investment Holdings, we are a logistics company that offers a broad range of logistics services according to the different needs of our customers and their product types. Our company has been featured as a recognized provider in Singapore. Read more from this article as featured by International Enterprise Singapore.

Some of the essential logistics services provided by our company are as follows.

Our Logistics Services

International Freight and Logistics

The increasing number of “open borders” in the current global business economy provides new opportunities for both old and upcoming companies to enter the highly profitable international markets. If you are interested in shipping your products to other countries, our Logistics Company is ready to help in accomplishing your mission. Our experienced international freight specialists and professionals will offer innovative logistics solutions and personalized customer support to ensure that your international shipments are handled efficiently and professionally according to your company’s preferences and specifications.

Import, Export, and Licensing Solutions

The benefits of importing, exporting and licensing products can be cost-prohibitive and challenging if not handled by an experienced international freight forwarder. Our company promises to handle all your import, export and licensing needs professionally to help you minimize any unnecessary international trade hurdles that might bring losses to your business. Our import licenses around the region help you to get your product to your clients without the hassle of going through the red tape yourself.

Warehousing Services (including Cold Storage and Bonded Warehouse Capability)

Warehousing can save or break your business. Our company uses its extensive network of shared and dedicated distribution and storage solutions to help you fulfill all your commitments to your clients wherever they are in the world. If you deal with perishable products, our company has advanced cold storage facilities to ensure the proper preservation of all your products. Other warehousing-related services offered by IM Investment Holdings include order administration, inventory management, and fulfillment, labeling, repacking, kitting, quality inspection, yard management, dynamic and static replenishment, location/ site analysis, and much more.

Local Delivery Services

Our local delivery services are not only in Singapore but also in your key markets around the region. Although we have our delivery vehicles, we sometimes outsource local delivery. However, due to our volume, we can get the best delivery rates for you. Our logistics company promises to offer scheduled and on-demand same day local delivery services for all your products.

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

Effective customer order fulfillment and management services are a major component of any successful supply chain system. Our company uses advanced and efficient communication and transport equipment to ensure your cargo is delivered to your clients on time and in an excellent condition. If necessary, we can give you access to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) so that you can track your stock.

Direct Market Access and Marketing

In conjunction with our business partners and customers, our company also offers free marketing and direct local and international market access to your key markets in Asia. Our extensive network in Asia means that we can help you market your product to both B2C and B2B customers.

Halal Warehousing and Delivery

If your business requires Halal logistics services, our company has everything you need to cater for the logistics needs of all your Halal products. We ensure your products do not come into contact with any haram (forbidden Islamic foods) like pigs, dead animals, carrion, animals with claws, talons or fangs, and much more. Apart from adhering to strict Halal hygiene and sanitation regulations, our company also ensures that your products are shipped and delivered using equipment or utensils that are free of impurities as laid down in the Muslim law.

Outsourcing logistics services from 3PL providers give you the freedom to focus on developing other areas of your business, including manufacturing and marketing. Our wide range of high-quality services takes away all your warehousing and logistics worries while giving you the time to focus on growing your business. Besides providing for all your logistics needs, our services are also cost-effective and flexible enough to suit all your business needs.

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Top 10 Tips to Choose a Fulfillment Provider

Top 10 Tips to Choose a Fulfillment Provider

Outsourcing order fulfillment has many benefits for both small and big businesses. Not only does it help in completing your fulfillment tasks quickly and efficiently but also at a cheaper rate than you could in your store. More importantly, outsourcing your order fulfillment saves you time and time is money. Outsourcing enables your company to focus on important aspects of growing your business. All you have to do is send your entire inventory to one of the order fulfillment third-party logistics companies and they will take care of your packaging, labeling, warehousing, and other related fulfillment services. In most cases, getting the right fulfillment provider is a huge challenge because the supply chain market is flooded with many fulfillment vendors, some veterans, and others newbies. This article will disclose to you the top 10 tips to choose a fulfillment provider.

Experience and Reputation

Your fulfillment provider should have several years of experience and a good reputation in dealing with all the special needs of your products before they are delivered to your clients. If the fulfillment provider handles their job professionally, clients will have a positive image about your business.

Technology Savvy

Select an order fulfillment provider that quickly adapts to new technologies, for instance, voice picking, real-time cargo tracking, low energy consumption equipment, and much more. Besides ensuring timeliness and efficiency choosing a tech-savvy fulfillment provider also helps in keeping your overhead costs as lower as possible. Most importantly, companies that provide access to their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help you track your inventory is a must to help you lower your costs and manage any expiring products.


When choosing fulfillment provider, you should go with the one which is established in the location where is your biggest and most important market. In that way, you will offer the fastest, cheapest and best service where it matters the most. Also, when the location is concerned, choose a provider situated near major highways and interstates, shipping ports, airports or train ports to ensure the faster delivery of your products at a lower cost. Singapore comes up tops in servicing companies with growth aspirations in Asia. Singapore has access to all the major shipping and air freight destinations and is ideal for companies looking at a regional strategy.

The Size of the Fulfillment Provider

Knowing the size of your fulfillment provider enables you to estimate if they have the ability to handle your products properly. If you are dealing with thousands of orders daily, you will have to settle for a big fulfillment provider. On the other hand, if you have a low volume of sales per day, opt for a small and low-cost fulfillment provider.

Available Facilities

Apart from guaranteeing the safety of your products the storage facilities of your fulfillment provider should also be clean and temperature-controlled to protect your products from harsh conditions. Before picking a fulfillment provider, request for a tour of their facilities.

Contact Data

Your fulfillment provider should be available through email, phone, fax, or text for emergency communication like order cancellation and late delivery. Always ask for a dedicated account manager.

Time of Delivery

A reliable fulfillment provider should give you a rough figure of the expected delivery time. Timely fulfillment not only keeps your business in good standing with your customers but also helps in the proper management of your inventory.


Look for a fulfillment provider that provides quotes and can easily break down your expenses. Insist for all your payment details in writing before closing each transaction.

Client Satisfaction

Before choosing a fulfillment provider, ask for case studies, references, and even speak to people who have done business with your fulfillment provider. Also, ensure you browse the fulfillment provider’s website for client testimonials.


Ensure your fulfillment provider is fully insured to protect your products from theft, vandalism, fire, extreme temperatures, water damage, and much more. The fulfillment provider should also use advanced security methods like on-site patrol guards, security cameras, climate controls, perimeter fencing, worker access credentials, and more to safeguard your products from any damage.

Finding the right order fulfillment provider for your company could be the difference between growing your business to success and leaving it stagnant. Besides increasing customer satisfaction, a good fulfillment provider will also increase your sales while reducing your overhead expenses significantly. If you want your products to be delivered to your customers in an excellent condition, pay attention to the top 10 tips elaborated on this page.

IM Investment Holdings (IM) has been in the logistics business for over 20 years. Our experience in traditional logistics extends to the fulfillment of orders especially with the growth of E-commerce sales. IM has invested into technologies such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to help you keep track of your stock. IM has locations all over Asia with our main logistics hub in Singapore with warehouses in our key markets. This enables us to deliver your products all over Asia. IM specializes in consumer products, food, and electronics but is capable of handling most product types. Contact us today to find out more about our fulfillment services.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

The driving force behind customer satisfaction is timely order fulfillment. While there may be a couple of advantages to packing and shipping your orders, it can become exceedingly challenging to keep track of all your order fulfillments as your business expands. Whether your business is small or large, there are many benefits of outsourcing your order fulfillment requirements to a third-party logistics company. This article will reveal to you the five benefits of outsourcing order fulfillment.

Minimizing Costs

Even though it might seem cost-effective to fulfill your orders, outsourcing order fulfillment services as your business grows can save you lots of money. Here are some of the ways through which hiring an order fulfillment service reduces your overhead costs.

Many order fulfillment companies negotiate a reasonable rate with couriers because of their huge shipping volumes. Not only will your business benefit from their negotiating power but also from their expertise in packing and shipping.

By hiring a 3rd party order fulfillment logistics company, you will no longer need to settle for the additional long-term warehouse leases. You required to do is to pay a monthly fee for the fulfillment services provided and for the amount of space your products occupy.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment services caters for all your business needs even as the business grows. You will have less to worry about when it comes to warehouse space, negotiating for lower prices with shipping companies, and hiring quality order fulfillment staff.

Time to Focus on Your Business’ Growth

Outsourcing order fulfillment saves you from spending countless hours of your time packing and shipping your client’s orders. The time you would have spent fulfilling orders on your own can now be directed towards product sourcing, sales, and marketing. These value added actions help your business grow and is a better use of your time.

Scaling of Your Business

As your company grows order fulfillment becomes more stressful and expensive. Outsourcing these services helps you to worry less about finding affordable warehouse space, packing and distribution, managing extra inventory, or even hiring new inventory staff. Instead, outsourcing enables you to expand your business as fast as you wish without the fear of impacting negatively on the experience of your customers.

Better Storage and Distribution

Compared to fulfilling orders on your own, a fulfillment company lets you organize, store, and deliver your orders more efficiently. They will handle all the work from receiving, packing, storing, and managing your products. What’s more? Order fulfillment companies eliminate the risk of shipping errors thanks to their advanced automated processes, state of the art inventory technology, detailed receiving and return procedures and streamlined pack and pick methods.


Partnering with some well-known order fulfillment provider can benefit you by connecting their image and branding with your business. It may seem trivial but if your order fulfillment company is conducting their business in a professional way your business will also be perceived as professional. Of course, the opposite is also true. If you choose a not-so-good partner or handle the order fulfillment by yourself, it could hurt your business.

As your business grows, the demand for more employees, additional warehouse space, and sharp order fulfillment services increase. Traditionally, order fulfillment was more for the bigger companies that were interested in utilizing a third-party provider to fulfill the process of pick and pack and delivery to their customers. However, with the growth in marketplace sites such as Amazon, Qoo10, and Lazada, more companies have begun outsourcing their order fulfillment services to third-party logistics companies. While the benefits of outsourcing order fulfillment can vary from one company to another, it is worth trying out.

At I.M. Investment Holdings, we provide the full suite of services to help you to outsource your fulfillment of orders and returns for your e-commerce business. Our capability

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