Halal Delivery and Storage

By origin, Halal is an Arabic term meaning permitted or allowed by the Islamic law. The rapid interest and growth in Halal production, storage, and delivery has captured attention across several industries globally, especially the food industry. In fact, the global halal market is estimated at 16 percent of the world food industry. The growing Muslim population, as well as the developing economies of the Muslim and non-Muslim countries, are some of the primary drivers behind the growth of Halal products. This article provides some information on Halal delivery and storage solutions which I.M. Investment Holdings provides. These include warehousing needs and international or local delivery.

What Constitutes Halal Delivery and Storage?

Storage: Halal demands that any product prepared, manufactured, processed, packaged, and stored does not come into direct contact with any forbidden food (haram), for instance, carrion, pig or animals with talons, claws or fangs. Also, the storage premises should follow the strict Halal sanitation and hygiene procedures.

Delivery: Every halal-certified product should be processed, prepared, transported, and delivered using utensils or equipment that are free of impurities as stipulated under the Muslim law (Hadith and Qur’an).

Benefits of Using Halal Delivery and Storage Services

1. It is a Seal of Trust and Quality

Halal-certified logistics companies have the know-how in handling products as outlined under the Muslim law. Thus, using Halal Delivery and Storage Services will not only attract loyal Muslim halal conscious customers to your business but also some of the non-Muslim Halal conscious customers.

2. Enhances Marketability of Your Products

The annual worldwide halal food trade stands at approximately US$1.75 trillion. Halal certification is compulsory when entering the global Halal market because it helps most Halal conscious consumers to decide which products to purchase. Therefore, using Halal-certified logistics companies not only helps you to expand your marketplace but also to meet local requirements, which helps to increase your sales and revenue.

3. A Guarantee of Exceptional Hygiene Standards

Halal delivery and storage companies often bring Muslim inspectors to their stores on a timely basis to perform routine checks. A majority of Halal-certified logistics companies are ready and willing to share and explain their halal standards with their customers as a guarantee of outstanding hygiene levels. Therefore, hiring a Halal-certified logistics company instills confidence in your Halal conscious clients about the outstanding hygiene standards of your products.

4. A Great Marketing Tool for Cafes and Restaurants

Getting Halal certification is a genuine and practical way to attract both local and international halal conscious food consumers. Using halal-certified logistics companies to store, transport, and distribute your food products can help you to win a majority of customers who prefer Halal food. In fact, using halal storage and delivery services to handle your foodstuffs shows your commitment to providing high-quality halal-certified foods to your clients.

Final Thoughts

Halal delivery and storage companies ensure that prohibited materials are not used for the storage, distribution, and delivery of products. As we speak, the Halal concept is no longer exclusive to the food industry. In fact, Halal currently covers the entire process of packaging, handling, storage, transportation, and delivery of many other products. Hiring a halal distribution and storage company will increase not only customer trust and loyalty but also the profitability of your business.