Importation and Licensing Services Singapore

Focus on your business while we take care of the complicated logistics and importation-related processes involved in transporting your products overseas.

Red tape is the number one cause of delay in getting your products to your customers.

Sadly, red tape is present in all phases of the importation process, such as:
• Local licensing
• Getting local customs approval
• Securing product clearances (i.e. Halal Certificate)

If you are planning to sell your products overseas, these importation-related matters will potentially take a toll in your transactions, resulting in:

• Waste of time
• Complicated paperwork
• High administration cost

Importation and Assistance in Obtaining Necessary Local Licenses

To help you handle these causes of delay, we provide a comprehensive and hassle-free import and export solution that ensures:

Faster procurement of clearances

Minimized paperwork

Smooth and efficient end-to-end transactions

Happy and satisfied customers

Our logistics and importation problem solvers are equipped with the know-how on the latest customs regulations and the expertise in dealing with red tape in licensing and customs-related matters.

Our total Import and Export Solution includes:

Importation and licensing support

End-to-end logistics


Local delivery

You’ll have more time to focus on your core business while we take care of the fast and safe delivery of your products right at your customers’ doorstep!

We Will Provide You With a Solution That Fits Your Needs