Local Delivery Services

Our capability includes not only local deliveries in Singapore but also regional deliveries across Southeast Asia.

Regional Local Delivery

Door-to-door delivery to your Southeast Asian customers guaranteed.

Our local delivery capabilities extend across the region, allowing us to perform:

  • Local deliveries in Singapore; and
  • Regional local deliveries across Southeast Asia

Delivery for B2B and B2C

Our local and cross-border deliveries cover a wide range of spectrum from B2B to B2C and commercial to residential.

Through our integrated processes, we’re able to handle:

  • Bulk Deliveries
  • Shipment Tracking; and
  • Call Center Support for Residential Deliveries

To give you peace of mind that your products are safe and will arrive on time, we’ve put in place our last mile delivery service that helps you track your shipments and manage international deliveries anywhere you are.

Delivery for B2B and B2C

Our local and cross-border delivery services include:

  • Delivery to commercial and residential address
  • Bulk delivery to residential addresses
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Management of international deliveries
  • Halal delivery capability
  • Chilled and Frozen delivery (refrigerated trucks) – two types of temperature management systems
    • A refrigerated or chilled system with a standard temperature of 0ºc to 10ºc
    • A frozen system with a standard temperature of -18ºC.
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