Overseas Market Access Services

Reduce investment costs and risks by tapping into our trade network and market presence across Southeast Asia.

We Enable You To Access Your Markets

Enter the Southeast Asian markets by leveraging on IM Investment Holdings (IM) trade network and local presence around the region.

Partnering with IM will enable you to get into the local markets quickly with no need for substantial investment on a physical store while reducing the risks involved in marketing your products in Southeast Asia. 

As a Singapore-based company with years of experience in selling and marketing products across the region, we can provide the right assistance for the expansion that you seek.

How to Leverage on IM Trade Network and Local Presence

Our Overseas Market Access Strategies include assistance in:

• Selling on overseas markets via:

        ○ Consumer fairs

        ○ Department stores; and

        ○ Showrooms within our regional warehouses.

• Setting up your local presence by:

        ○ Recruiting promoters; and

        ○ Hiring local management staff to promote your products

IM helps to manage the supply chain including warehousing, setting up of sales events, introduction to relevant vendors for B2B channels, and local delivery as well as providing customer support service via our call center.

We Will Provide You With a Solution That Fits Your Needs