Top 10 Tips to Choose a Fulfillment Provider

Outsourcing order fulfillment has many benefits for both small and big businesses. Not only does it help in completing your fulfillment tasks quickly and efficiently but also at a cheaper rate than you could in your store. More importantly, outsourcing your order fulfillment saves you time and time is money. Outsourcing enables your company to focus on important aspects of growing your business. All you have to do is send your entire inventory to one of the order fulfillment third-party logistics companies and they will take care of your packaging, labeling, warehousing, and other related fulfillment services. In most cases, getting the right fulfillment provider is a huge challenge because the supply chain market is flooded with many fulfillment vendors, some veterans, and others newbies. This article will disclose to you the top 10 tips to choose a fulfillment provider.

Experience and Reputation

Your fulfillment provider should have several years of experience and a good reputation in dealing with all the special needs of your products before they are delivered to your clients. If the fulfillment provider handles their job professionally, clients will have a positive image about your business.

Technology Savvy

Select an order fulfillment provider that quickly adapts to new technologies, for instance, voice picking, real-time cargo tracking, low energy consumption equipment, and much more. Besides ensuring timeliness and efficiency choosing a tech-savvy fulfillment provider also helps in keeping your overhead costs as lower as possible. Most importantly, companies that provide access to their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help you track your inventory is a must to help you lower your costs and manage any expiring products.


When choosing fulfillment provider, you should go with the one which is established in the location where is your biggest and most important market. In that way, you will offer the fastest, cheapest and best service where it matters the most. Also, when the location is concerned, choose a provider situated near major highways and interstates, shipping ports, airports or train ports to ensure the faster delivery of your products at a lower cost. Singapore comes up tops in servicing companies with growth aspirations in Asia. Singapore has access to all the major shipping and air freight destinations and is ideal for companies looking at a regional strategy.

The Size of the Fulfillment Provider

Knowing the size of your fulfillment provider enables you to estimate if they have the ability to handle your products properly. If you are dealing with thousands of orders daily, you will have to settle for a big fulfillment provider. On the other hand, if you have a low volume of sales per day, opt for a small and low-cost fulfillment provider.

Available Facilities

Apart from guaranteeing the safety of your products the storage facilities of your fulfillment provider should also be clean and temperature-controlled to protect your products from harsh conditions. Before picking a fulfillment provider, request for a tour of their facilities.

Contact Data

Your fulfillment provider should be available through email, phone, fax, or text for emergency communication like order cancellation and late delivery. Always ask for a dedicated account manager.

Time of Delivery

A reliable fulfillment provider should give you a rough figure of the expected delivery time. Timely fulfillment not only keeps your business in good standing with your customers but also helps in the proper management of your inventory.


Look for a fulfillment provider that provides quotes and can easily break down your expenses. Insist for all your payment details in writing before closing each transaction.

Client Satisfaction

Before choosing a fulfillment provider, ask for case studies, references, and even speak to people who have done business with your fulfillment provider. Also, ensure you browse the fulfillment provider’s website for client testimonials.


Ensure your fulfillment provider is fully insured to protect your products from theft, vandalism, fire, extreme temperatures, water damage, and much more. The fulfillment provider should also use advanced security methods like on-site patrol guards, security cameras, climate controls, perimeter fencing, worker access credentials, and more to safeguard your products from any damage.

Finding the right order fulfillment provider for your company could be the difference between growing your business to success and leaving it stagnant. Besides increasing customer satisfaction, a good fulfillment provider will also increase your sales while reducing your overhead expenses significantly. If you want your products to be delivered to your customers in an excellent condition, pay attention to the top 10 tips elaborated on this page.

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